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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Inside the Locker Room - Longhorns Style

Longhorn fans strained behind the chain link fence outside the Ohio State visitors’ locker room. It was really late and I’m sure they were wondering what the players were doing. How could it take so long to shower and change? I know that more than once, like any other fan, I sat through half time wondering, what in the world Coach would say to turn things around on the field?

As the Longhorns Vmag Insider, I don’t wonder anymore because Vmag cameras and I are actually inside and frankly, in awe! Every week the Insider goes behind the scenes of the Texas football program…really behind the scenes… and it sure has been an eye opener. After seeing the difference in the mood of the locker room during the first few games, I asked Coach Brown how he did what he did. Does he plan his comments or are they spontaneous? Is it insight or instinct that wins out?

Check out the photos of defensive tackle, Frank Okam and defensive end, Nic Redwine. Can’t you just feel the intensity? Then on the other hand, Vince really has a way of lightening things up at just the right moment. Check out Mack’s comments on locker room talks in this week’s video magazine.

Colin Powell once said, “Leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible”. Sometimes that’s revving the team and staff up and at other times, calming them down. In the Longhorns’ locker room, the atmosphere and the comments have been remarkably different than what I expected.

I’m convinced that the locker room is a sanctum stamped with the personality of its team; players, coaches and staff. At home, Texas even has a combination lock installed outside the door telling players that they have control over who does and doesn’t enter “their house”. Not a bad house (and what a team)!

Join the Vmag Insider here each week during the season for glimpses of the most current Longhorns Vmag issue and you’ll see what’s really behind the success of Texas Football. Next week, check back here to get a feel for the growing intensity of the media spotlight on Texas and how it plays out for the team.